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[PD] Check your English πŸ”— Clone

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Knowing you are speaking a clear English is important. From one perspective, if you are clear, disabled people can understand you better. On the other hand, as a foreigner you can identify words you are pronouncing incorrectly.

Estimated time in hours


What is the purpose of this assignment?

This exercise can be done by yourself or with someone else. The latter means you have additional feedback.

  • Create a Google Meet
  • Join the meeting and turn the captions on
  • Speak about something you feel comfortable discussing (your family, hobby, etc.)
  • Whilst speaking, see how the captions on Google Meet understand you

Think about:

  • Are you speaking too fast?
  • Has Google meet yet to understand a specific word? Which one was it? Search for its pronunciation and practice it
  • 🎯 Topic Communication
  • πŸ• Priority Mandatory
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  • πŸ“… Fundamentals
  • πŸ“… Week 3
[TECH ED] CYF Blocks πŸ”— Clone


Why are we doing this?

​Pick one or more of the following projects, define its requirements by writing the user stories, iteratively develop it in CYF Blocks, and ship it! This is part of the graduation criteria.

  • Commenting: Make it possible for a user to add a comment on your website (the comment won’t get saved anywhere, so it will disappear when the page is refreshed - we’ll work on saving later on)
  • Shopping Cart Light: Make it possible to add products to a “shopping cart” (again, we won’t be able to check out/pay with what we know so far)
  • Image carousel: Allow the user to cycle through a set of images
  • Hamburger menu: Display a dropdown menu like https://dev.to/devggaurav/let-s-build-a-responsive-navbar-and-hamburger-menu-using-html-css-and-javascript-4gci

Maximum time in hours


How to submit

  1. Write up one of your projects on your copy of this ticket, not forgetting to include:

    • Your user stories
    • Your CYF Blocks implementation (using the share button)
    • Your deployed website
  2. Share your deployed website in your cohort’s Slack channel.

  • 🎯 Topic Delivery
  • 🎯 Topic Iteration
  • 🎯 Topic Requirements
  • πŸ• Priority Mandatory
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  • πŸ”‘ Priority Key
  • πŸ“… Fundamentals
  • πŸ“… Week 3
[TECH ED] Refresh Paths πŸ”— Clone


Why are we doing this?

Read this lesson on file paths and folders: Using paths & folders and save the cheatsheet to help you.


One of the most common blockers at the beginning of the course is not being able to find or link things because you don’t understand paths.

Maximum time in hours


How to submit

Once you’ve read the tutorial and saved the cheatsheet, move your copy of this ticket to Done.

  • 🎯 Topic Programming Fundamentals
  • 🎯 Topic Structuring Data
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  • πŸ“… Fundamentals
  • πŸ“… Week 3