🐘 PostgreSQL > Render

How to create a PostgreSQL Database on Render

  1. Click on the New + button, then click on PostgreSQL

          Click on PostgreSQL in the New + dropdown

  1. Fill out the Name field, which will be used to label the database within Render. Fill out the Database and User fields, which should be the same as your development setup - ask a volunteer if you are unsure. Leave the remaining 3 input fields as is with the default values

          Provide a Name, Database and User

  1. At the bottom of the form, the Free plan should be selected by default. Click Create Database button

          Ensure that the Free plan is selected and click Create Database

  1. Render will take a few minutes to create your database

          Render creating the database

  1. After a few minutes your Database should be active

          Render showing the database as active

  1. Scroll down to Connections tab, where you will find Environment Variables for connecting to your database. The Internal & External Database URLs will likely be the most useful for you

          Environment variables in the Connections tab

  1. The Connect button could be useful for quick Environment Variable reference

          Connect button showing quick reference to environment variables