🧰 setup

Get setup with the main resources you’ll need for the Software Development Course

πŸ«±πŸ½β€πŸ«²πŸΏ Handshake

Learning Objectives

A handshake is a check for continuity between two different parts of the course. In this handshake, we’re going to check any important work done in the Fundamentals module is carried over to the Software Development Course.

A handshake isn’t the responsibility of a single individual: it is your collective responsibility as a cohort to check that you transition smoothly between two different sections of the course.

πŸ“ Checks

Here are some checks:

  1. Double-check that the “XX X Rota” spreadsheet you created in Fundamentals is bookmarked in your new cohort Slack channel

πŸ“‹ Check Git installation

Learning Objectives


You will use Git continually as a developer.

You can open a terminal and run the command git -v to double check you have Git installed.
If it is installed successfully, you should get a version number (which may not be exactly the same as this example, but should look similar):

git version 2.40.0

Otherwise, you will need to ask for support on your Slack channel.

🧰 Install VSCode

Learning Objectives

We use VS Code to write all of our code in the course. It is known as an Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) and really helps you write great code!

πŸ”— Download and install VSCode now

🧰 Create a CYF folder

Learning Objectives

You’ll need to create a CYF folder to store your projects on the course.

  1. Open a terminal on your computer.

For each of the steps below, you’ll need to use the command line in your terminal.

Use this cli documentation to remember terminal commands.

  1. In your terminal, print your current working directory.

  2. List the files and folders in your current working directory.

You’ll need a place to store your work for the CYF course.

  1. Make a new directory called cyf in your home directory.

  2. Change directory into the cyf directory.

  3. Double check you’re in the right place by printing your current working directory.